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We OFFER a unique epoxy coverage - "Obrit" for tanks under a drinking-water!





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About us

Since 1992, Rutenia Plus LTD has been in the market of construction work and service. In this period we have become mature company with great experience and concerted team of professionals.

The present day we offer construction service as final product, from working out of necessary documentation to delivery of finished product to the customer.

Basic directions of activity:

  • anticorrosive work
  • height work
  • liquid floors
  • fire warning and fire defence of metalware
  • general and repair work

We offer good prices to our customers and guarantee professional service.

Rutenia Plus LTD always sees to the quality of executable service. Our workers are experienced and well-qualified. After the study and probation period they obtained certificates which confirm their professional skills.

Rutenia Plus LTD is developing year by year. In 2008, our company was granted a license and gained experience in planning, assembling, servicing of fire defence systems and signalling.

Rutenia Plus LTD has been in the market of construction work for a long time. We have permanent partners and customers and we are always interested in collaboration with new people.

The present day our permanent customers are: Obolon, Cherkasytransgaz, Kyivtransgaz, Vitaminy (Uman), BCF factory, Kyivmedpreparat Gostomel glass factory.

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